Membership & Key Hire

How to Become a Member

To become a member of KartSport Taranaki a membership form (below) must be completed and submitted to either the club secretary or treasurer for processing. Details on annual subscriptions can be found on the Membership form. Please note the following information when filling out the form:

  • Family Memberships: Please put parent or legal guardian as main member (even if only children race)
  • Class: Please indicate the class you will race in (e.g. Rotax Max Heavy, or Clubsport 120)
  • KartSport NZ Licence Number: Please write the number of your KartSport New Zealand Licence if you already hold one.

There are 5 types of Membership to KartSport Taranaki Incorporated:

  • Junior – This is for a single member racing in the Cadet ROK, Cadet Raket, Junior Restricted, Mini ROK or Junior Yamaha classes
  • Senior – This is for a single member racing in any of the Senior classes
  • Family – This is for multiple members all of whom are residing at the same address
  • Social – This is for supporting members who do not wish to race or use the track (Social members cannot hire a key) 
  • Associate - This is for a full member of an affiliated club who wishes to join to participate in a local series such as WPKA Goldstar
Kartsport Taranaki Membership Form 2021-2022
Membership Form - 2021-2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 297.3 KB

Processing Membership

Completed membership forms can be emailed or taken directly to Supreme Kart Supplies. Forms may also be processed on club days by the Treasurer. Refer to the list of contacts at the bottom of the page.


Payment can be processed via cash, EFTPOS, or alternatively online banking details can be made available upon request.

Sliding Membership Fees

Membership fees are sliding throughout the year.  See the following table for charges.

Fee Table 18-19.pdf
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Pit Shelters

Dedicated pit shelters are available for members to lease on an annual basis. Charges for pit shelters are sliding as per the membership fees. See the table below for charges.

Key Hire

Annual (members only)

Members can gain annual access to the Todd Energy Raceway with an annual lease key. Members are required to comply with all club and KartSport NZ rules. Annual key hire is only available to KartSport Taranaki club members holding a KartSport NZ Licence.


Members holding a practice licence are able to hire a key for a minimum period of 6 months, and a maximum of 18 months. After this time, members who wish to continue hiring a key must upgrade their practice licence to a competition licence.


One key will be issued per family residing at the same address. All persons using the track must sign the membership form and hold one of the following:

  • KartSport New Zealand Practice Licence
  • KartSport New Zealand Vintage Licence
  • KartSport New Zealand Competition Licence

Social Members or Associate Members may not hire an annual key


Locks are changed annually when memberships are up for renewal. It is the member's responsibility to return their key from the previous membership period to the club or Supreme Kart Supplies. A $50 bond will be charged for your first key.  The bond will be returned when the key is handed back.  Members will receive a new key upon receipt of their membership and key hire payments for the new period. For charges refer to the fee table below.




New members will be required to attend a facilities induction before receiving their key.


Use of the track for practice is permitted between the hours of 9.30am and 5.00pm (6.00pm during daylight savings).

One Day Only

Members of KartSport New Zealand Affiliated Clubs outside of KartSport Taranaki may hire a key for practice on a daily basis.


Use of the track is restricted to Authorised Financial KartSport New Zealand members who hold one of the following:

  • KartSport New Zealand Practice Licence
  • KartSport New Zealand Vintage Licence
  • KartSport New Zealand Competition Licence

Please download the following Form and contact Maurice Frost at Supreme Kart Supplies to organise daily key hire.


Phone: 06 758 8891



Daily Key Hire Form
Daily Key Hire.pdf
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Key Hire Information 2016.pdf
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Contact Details

For processing memberships at Supreme Kart Supplies:

Supreme Kart Supplies

79 Hurlstone Drive


New Plymouth

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm

Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm




(Ph) 06-758 8891